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Erin Muriel
- Land Buyer

Amazing - Helped us find just the right land

I recently purchased a piece of land and Carlos was my realtor. It was not a quick process and that was because I wanted to be able to have my chickens. Carlos was very understanding and patient with me on finding the right place for us. Once we found it he moved very quickly to help me get it. I found out that two days after we agreed with the sellers on an offer, someone else came in at full price. I was over joyed with the fact that we were able to grab it first. Carlos knew what I wanted, accepted that I would probably still look on my own and handled that well, and was never pushing for the buy. He was more concerned with the property being right and that was amazing. I was his best interest, not the money he was making off of my purchase. I now refer him to everyone I know that is looking to buy or sell real estate!